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>††October 3,
Oleg Tabakov on†Stage Festival

Oleg Tabakov on†Stage Festival†celbrating the 80th anniversary of†our Artistic Director, will take place at†the Moscow Art Theatre in†the first half of†November. Mr.†Tabakov will be†featured in†five productions of†the current repertoire of†the Chekhov Moscow Art and Tabakov Theatre:

November 3:†
The Last†Sacrifice by Alexander Ostrovsky. Directed by†Yuri Yeremin at†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

November 5:
The Seagull†by†Anton Chekhov. Directed by†Konstantin Bogomolov at†the Tabakov Theatre.

November 7:
The Year I†Wasn't Born Yet(based on†The Wood Grouse Nest†by†Viktor Rozov). Directed by†Konstantin Bogomolov at†the Tabakov Theatre.

November 9:
The Adventures†compiled from The Dead Souls byNikolai Gogol. Directed by†Mindaugas Karbauskis at†the Tabakov Theatre.

November 11:
Jeweler's Jubilee†by†Nichola McAuliff. Directed by†Konstantin Bogomolov at†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

Retrospect of†televised theatre productions at†the Small Stage:

November 11†ó productions of†the Sovremennik Theatre
14:00†ó Balalaykin & Co.†by Sergey Mikhalkov. Directed by†Georgi Tovstonogov (recorded in†1973).
19:00†ó The†Twelfth Night†by†William Shakespeare.Directed by†Peter James (recorded in†1978).

November 12†ó Tabakov Theatre productions
14:00†ó Uncle Vanya†by†Anton Chekhov. Directed by†Mindaugas Karbauskis (recorded in†2007).
19:00†ó Love Letters†by†Alfred Gurney. Directed by†Evgeni Kamenkovich (recorded in†2000).

November 13†ó Moscow Art Theatre productions
14:00†ó Amadeus by Peter Shaffer. Directed by†Mark Rozovsky (recorded in†2003).
19:00†ó Cabal of†Hypocrites by Mikhail Bulgakov. Directed by†Adolf Shapiro (recorded in†2003).

Multimedia exhibition featuring Oleg Tabakov's works will be†opened at†the Portrait Lobby on†the days of†listed performances.
>††October 2,
Nikolai Skorik Gala

On October 5†we†invite you to†the evening celebrating 70th anniversary of†Nikolai Skorik, Distinguished Artist of†Russia, Assistant Artistic Director of†the Moscow Art Theatre.

Participants to†the gala include Irina Miroshnichenko, Evgeni Kindinov, Dmitry Brusnikin, Anatoly Bely, Irina Apeksimova, Alyona Khovanskaya, Anastasia and Ivan Skorik, Vladimir Berkun (Obraztsov Puppet Theatre), Nikita Vysotsky and Nikolai Skorik Atelier (State Culture Institute), musicians Andrey Semenov, Tatiana Rubina, Evgenia Khozikova among others.

Tickets are on†sale in†our box-office and on†the website. Prices are 500₽†ó 1000₽.