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>††November 27,
Schedule of†Touring Performances
Dear patrons,

We†are pleased to†announce our touring plans for September and October. While continue our performances on†all three stages in†Moscow, we†will be†presenting our selected productions in†the following cities:

October 7
Baku, Azerbaijan
Witness For The Prosecution

October 14†
The Pillowman

October 18, 19
A Tale of†What We†Can and What We†Cannot

October 27, 28
Minsk, Belarus
The House

October 27
The Double Bass

October 29
The Double Bass

November 6
The Miraculous Journey of†Edward Tulane

November 11
The Kreutzer Sonata

November 15
The Double Bass

November 23
The Karamazovs
>††November 18,
Spanish Theatre. First Time in†Russian. Directors
>††November 9,
Alexey Devotchenko. In†Memoriam.

Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre is†dedicating the performance of†“Zoya's Apartment” on†November 10 to†the memory of†Alexey Devotchenko who used to†perform a†role of†Obolyaninov in†this production.
>††November 8,
Playbill Changes. December
The performance of†Karenin scheduled at†the New Stage on†December 14, 2014, is†cancelled. †We†apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and kindly request that all patrons return their tickets for full refund not later than December 18, 2014. Please call for further enquires at†+7†(495) 646-3-646 or†+7†(495) 692-67-48.
>††November 5,
RIP: Alexey Devotchenko (1965-2014)

Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre is†shocked and dismayed at†the tragic death of†Alexey Devotchenko. We†would like to†extend our deepest condolences to†Alexey's family, to†all the admirers of†this true Artist and his great talent. Alexey was a†company member of†the Moscow Art Theatre in†2012-2013. †He†was featured in†our productions of†Zoya's Apartment†and Krechinksy's Wedding. †His one-man production, The†Petersburg Diary of†a†Provincial Man,†was part of†our repertoire at†the New Stage.