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Small Stage, 19:00

October 20,
Schedule of†Touring Performances
Dear patrons,

We†are pleased to†announce our touring plans for September and October. While continue our performances on†all three stages in†Moscow, we†will be†presenting our selected productions in†the following cities:

October 7
Baku, Azerbaijan
Witness For The Prosecution

October 14†
The Pillowman

October 18, 19
A Tale of†What We†Can and What We†Cannot

October 27, 28
Minsk, Belarus
The House

October 27
The Double Bass

October 29
The Double Bass

November 6
The Miraculous Journey of†Edward Tulane

November 11
The Kreutzer Sonata

November 15
The Double Bass

November 23
The Karamazovs
October 9,
Two Years without Marina Golub
It is†two years today since we†lost Marina Golub. Pain from a†terrible, tragic loss of†a†great actress, adored by†many, does not subside, and probably never will. She is†being constantly remembered at†the Moscow Art Ė with her charm, warmth, and her exquisite sense of†humor. She was the soul of†our companyÖ Paying tribute to†her, today we†are publishing for the first time a†unique video footage of†the finale of†Vassa Zheleznova by†Maxim Gorky, a†2010†production by†Leo Erenburg, where Marina is†depicting a†bit-by-bit gradual death of†Vassa with striking actuality. Vassa was one of†our best productions in†recent years, and it†is†gone, along with Marina.
August 30,
Ticket Subscription packages now on†sale
Dear Patrons,

We†are happy to†introduce a†new experimental subscription service allowing to†purchase packaged tickets for several different performances.

We†currently offer the following packages (with different price rates, as†well as†tickets for 1†and 2†patrons):

1.†Russian Classics†(The Cherry Orchard†- October 2, The Forest†- October 14, The Precipise†- October 26, The Marriage†ó October 30). Prices from 2† 100†to†7† 000₽.
2. 20th Century†Classics. (Zoya's Apartment†- October 7, The Event†- October 15, Master and Margarita†- October 28). Prices from 1† 900†to†5† 500₽.
3. Modern Drama. (The Tale Of†Things We†Can And Things We†Cannot†- October 6, An Ideal Husband. A†Comedy†- October 16, The Karamazovs†- October 24). Prices from 2† 250†to†6† 500₽.
4. Family Show (12+). (A Straw Hat from Italy†- October 22, Leading Ladies†- October 23, The Siege†- October 26). Prices from 2† 100†to†3† 900₽.

Subscription packages are on†sale from September 1, 2014. To†book and purchase the packages please visit our Box-Office or call +7†(495) 629-5370.

Subscription can be†a†great gift for you and your friends to†share!