’”ńő∆Ň—“¬ŇÕÕŘ… –” ő¬őń»“Ňň‹ ó őňŇ√ “ņŃņ ő¬
The Portrait Lobby, 14:00

October 3,
Oleg Tabakov on†Stage Festival

Oleg Tabakov on†Stage Festival†celbrating the 80th anniversary of†our Artistic Director, will take place at†the Moscow Art Theatre in†the first half of†November. Mr.†Tabakov will be†featured in†five productions of†the current repertoire of†the Chekhov Moscow Art and Tabakov Theatre:

November 3:†
The Last†Sacrifice by Alexander Ostrovsky. Directed by†Yuri Yeremin at†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

November 5:
The Seagull†by†Anton Chekhov. Directed by†Konstantin Bogomolov at†the Tabakov Theatre.

November 7:
The Year I†Wasn't Born Yet(based on†The Wood Grouse Nest†by†Viktor Rozov). Directed by†Konstantin Bogomolov at†the Tabakov Theatre.

November 9:
The Adventures†compiled from The Dead Souls byNikolai Gogol. Directed by†Mindaugas Karbauskis at†the Tabakov Theatre.

November 11:
Jeweler's Jubilee†by†Nichola McAuliff. Directed by†Konstantin Bogomolov at†the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

Retrospect of†televised theatre productions at†the Small Stage:

November 11†ó productions of†the Sovremennik Theatre
14:00†ó Balalaykin & Co.†by Sergey Mikhalkov. Directed by†Georgi Tovstonogov (recorded in†1973).
19:00†ó The†Twelfth Night†by†William Shakespeare.Directed by†Peter James (recorded in†1978).

November 12†ó Tabakov Theatre productions
14:00†ó Uncle Vanya†by†Anton Chekhov. Directed by†Mindaugas Karbauskis (recorded in†2007).
19:00†ó Love Letters†by†Alfred Gurney. Directed by†Evgeni Kamenkovich (recorded in†2000).

November 13†ó Moscow Art Theatre productions
14:00†ó Amadeus by Peter Shaffer. Directed by†Mark Rozovsky (recorded in†2003).
19:00†ó Cabal of†Hypocrites by Mikhail Bulgakov. Directed by†Adolf Shapiro (recorded in†2003).

Multimedia exhibition featuring Oleg Tabakov's works will be†opened at†the Portrait Lobby on†the days of†listed performances.
September 28,
November Subscription Series on†Sale
Dear Patrons,

November subscriptions are now on†sale at†the box-office. The offer includes various price ranges†ó from the front row of†the 2nd balcony to†the 5th row of†the parterre. We†offer the following subscriptions:

Foreign Drama. Jeweler's Jubilee on November 11, Streetcar Named Desire†on†November 17, Mephisto†on†November 24. †Prices from 2 400₽ to†7500₽.

Russian Classics. The†Kreutzer Sonata†on November 4, The Cherry Orchard†on†November 18, The Forest on November 23. Prices from 1900₽ to†6000₽.

The†Eccentric†World of†Theatre. He Is†In†Argentina†on†November 10. The Dressing Room on November 15, †The Drunks†on†November 19. Price: 2400₽.

For more information and to†order subscriptions please call +7†(495) 629-65-95.

Subscription advantages:
1. Best seats within the price category.
2. Gift Wrapping
3. Your seats are always guaranteed.
4. Added convenience (book before tickets go†on†sale and your tickets will be†available for later purchase).

Treat your friends or†yourself to†the Moscow Art Subscription!
September 25,
October Playbill Changes
Dear patrons,

Please take a†note of†the following changes in†the current repertoire:

The†Pillowman†performance scheduled for October 7†at†the Small Stage is†cancelled. Patrons are requested to†return their tickets to†the box-office for full refund no†later than October 11, 2015.

Zoya's Apartment†performance scheduled for October 9†at†the Main Stage is†cancelled. Patrons are requested to†return their tickets to†the box-office for full refund no†later than October 13, 2015.

Drunks scheduled on†October 9†at†the Small Stage, will be†transferred to†the Main Stage. All previously purchased tickets will remain valid.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience these changes may cause.

For further information please call our box-office at +7†(495) 646-3-646†Ť†+7†(495) 692-67-48.

September 23,
Schedule of†Touring
The Gentry Nest ó October 19

Riga, Latvia
The Cherry Orchard ó October 26 and 27

Jeweler's Jubilee ó November 18 and 19
September 15,
Modern actor in†the modern theatre. Directing Lab
Moscow Art Theatre proudly present the second session of†The Lab Modern actor in†the modern theatre. The Lab started with the first session in†the summer (featuring production workshops of†Dmitry Volkostrelov and Alexandra Denisova, lectures by†Konstantin Bogomolov, Irina Kulik, Marina Davydova, Zara Abdullayeva, Pavel Rudnev), and will now continue into the Fall.

The Lab will present workshops (followed by†the discussions) and lectures on†current trends of†the modern culture. Moscow Art Theatre Lab is†an†alternative to†theatre's main playbill. †This is†the platform where we†workshop our possible future productions, trying to†identify new creative teams, †exploring new writings and new directorial approaches.

Having gone through the experience of†First Time in†Russian series with several Western cultures, Moscow Art Theatre has now turned to†the new Russian directing that is†attempting to†offer actors alternative ways of†stage existence.

Lab schedule:

September 19(15.00)
September 20(13.00)†
The Cricket. A†fairy tale for infantile adults
Workshop directed by†Martha Gorvic on†hew own play based on†the story by†Toon Tellegen
(6th Floor Rehearsal Studio)

September 20(20.00)
September 21(14.00)
The Gamblers by Nikolai Gogol
Production of†Alexander Kuznetsov
(New Stage)

September 25(15.00)
September 26(14.00)*
Workshop directed by†Sasha Denisova based on†her own play.
(New Stage)
*Additional†performance, tickets can be†purchased at†the Theatre box-office

September 26(20.00)
Theatre text. Attribution and interaction
Directing Master Class of†Viktor Ryzhakov, Artistic Director of†the Meyerhold Center
(New Stage)

October 8†(20.00)
Enchanted by†the Screen, or†The Time of†Affect. †Introduction to†the history of†video art.
Lecture of†Olga Shishko, art critic, MediaArtLab Center Director and curator of†arts and culture projects
(6th Floor Rehearsal Studio)

October 15(20.00)
Other Scenes of†Psychoanalysis
Lecture of†Viktor Mazin, psychoanalyst, Director of†the Museum of†Freudian Dreams (St.†Petersburg)
(6th Floor Rehearsal Studio)

October 17(20.00)†
October 18(13.00)
The Castle
Workshop by†Andreas Merz-Raykov based on†the novel by†Franz Kafka
(New Stage)

October 29(20.00)
Meeting with director Yuri Butusov
(Moscow Art Production Shops)

Tickets for workshops and lectures will not go†on†sale. †If†you wish to†attend, please sign up†by†emailing zritel@mxat.ru. Please make sure to†include your name and the date and time of†the event you wish to†attend. The number of†seats is†limited. If†your plans change, and you are no†longer able to†attend, please be†considerate of†others and email us†to†cancel your booking.

TO OUR PATRONS! The Lab presentations are not full productions. We†use those workshops to†get your feedback and qualified opinion that will help us†determine whether we†want to†pursue each particular project further. †We†therefore invite to†attend those inquisitive, experienced and professional audience members whose opinions we†will value and appreciate.