’”ńő∆Ň—“¬ŇÕÕŘ… –” ő¬őń»“Ňň‹ ó őňŇ√ “ņŃņ ő¬
Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
Small Stage, 19:00
Alla Pokrovskaya, Sergey Sosnovsky, Yevgeny Mironov, Alexey Kravchenko, Evgeniya Dobrovol'skaya and others
January 20,
February Playbill Changes
Dear Patrons,

Please note the following changes in†our February playbill:

The Precipice performance, originally scheduled for January 25th on†the Main Stage, is†being rescheduled for March 1st. All tickets will remain valid for the new performance date. Patrons, wishing to†return their tickets to†the box-office must do†so†not later than January 29th.

The performance of†Mauriceís†Jubilee, originally scheduled for February 8th on†the Main Stage, is†being rescheduled for March 4th. Patrons, wishing to†return their tickets to†the box-office must do†so†not later than February 12th.

An†additional performance of†A Streetcar Named Desire is†now scheduled on†the Main Stage on†February 8th. Tickets are now on†sale at†the box-office.

The performance of†Mauriceís†Jubilee†on†February 9th has been replaced with the performance of†Master and Margarita. All tickets will remain valid for the new performance. Patrons wishing to†return their tickets to†the box-office must do†so†before February 9th.

Moscow Art Theatre apologizes for the inconvenience.
For additional information please call +7†(495) 646-3-646†or†+7†(495) 692-67-48.
January 1,
Sergey Sosnovsky is†celebrating his 60th

On†the first day of†2015, Peopleís†Artist of†Russia Sergey Sosnovsky is†celebrating his 60th anniversary.
After graduating from Slonov Theater College of†Saratov in†1976, Mr.†Sosnovsky has joined the company of†Saratov Academic Youth Theatre where he†played Konstantin (The Seagull), Chernyshevsky (What Is†to†Be†Done?), Touchstone (As You Like It). In†1985, Sergey moved on†to†the Saratov Drama Theatre, where for two decades he†was the leading actor. There he†has been seen in†plays like The Master and Margarita (Korovyev), The Crimson Island (Likki-Tikki), Christ and Us (Prokofi Dvanov) based on†Chevengur by†Andrey Platonov, A Twinkle in†the Prairie (Sasha Lomakin), The Toastmaster (Simon), Dodo (Henry), Toybele And Her Daemon (Gimple the Dolt), The Lower Depths (Satin) and many more.
In†2004†Mr.††Sosnovsky was invited to†join the Moscow Art Theatre company, where he†immediately became one of†most popular actors. His acting credits here include Hamlet (Ghost of†Hamletís†Father, the Actor), Ivanov (Shabelsky), Live and Remember, 12†Pictures of†the Painterís†Life (Michel), The Last Day of†Summer (Sofronov), The Seagull (Sorin). His current portfolio includes appearances in†The Golovlyov Family (Vladimir Golovlyov), The Pillowman (Typolsky), The Threepenny Opera (Jonathan Pitchem), Zoyaís†Apartment (Halleluiah), Beast of†the Moon (Master), The Master and Margarita (Berlioz), Italian Straw Hat (Vezine), The Drunks (Gustavus). In†Tabakovís†theatre he†has starred as†Tomas in†Bolero, Sarafanov in†The Elder Son, and Sorin in†The Seagull.
Moscow Art Theatre joins in†sending our anniversary greetings to†Sergey Sosnovsky wishing him joy, health, new roles on†stage and in†films, and, of†course, lots of†success!
December 23,
Schedule of†Touring Performances
Dear patrons,

We†are pleased to†announce our touring plans for September and October. While continue our performances on†all three stages in†Moscow, we†will be†presenting our selected productions in†the following cities:

October 7
Baku, Azerbaijan
Witness For The Prosecution

October 14†
The Pillowman

October 18, 19
A Tale of†What We†Can and What We†Cannot

October 27, 28
Minsk, Belarus
The House

October 27
The Double Bass

October 29
The Double Bass

November 6
The Miraculous Journey of†Edward Tulane

November 11
The Kreutzer Sonata

November 15
The Double Bass

November 23
The Karamazovs