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April 9,
Rescheduled performance of†Savannah Bay
The performance of†Savannah Bay, originally scheduled for May 14 on†the New Stages, has been rescheduled for May 27. All tickets are valid. Patrons who wish to†return their tickets may do†so†up†until May 18.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

For additional information please call +7†(495) 646-3-646†or†+7†(495) 692-67-48.
March 11,
Changes in†April Playbill
Dear patrons!

Please note that our April playbill has changed.

The following performances scheduled on†the Small Stages have been canceled:

The Hat on†April 25†and 26
The New American on†April 28
The House on†April 29
19.14 on†April 30

Please return your tickets to†our box-office for a†full refund.

On†April 25, instead of†originally scheduled on†the Main Stage performance of†The Precipice we†will be†presenting The Jeweller's Jubilee. All tickets are valid. Patrons who wish to†return their tickets may do†so†in†our box-office up until the showtime.

The following additional performances on†the Small Stages are being announced, and the tickets are already on†sale in†our box office:
April 14Ė The New American
April 15Ė Live Sound. A†musical evening
April 16Ė A Chrestomathy
April 17Ė The House
April 18Ė 19.14
April 19Ė 19.14
April 21Ė The Siege
April 22Ė The Duel
April 23Ė The House
April 24Ė The Miraculous Journey of†Edward Tulane
April 25Ė Crime and Punishment
April 26Ė Dear Treasure

Please accept our apologizes for the inconvenience.

For additional information please call: + 7†(495) 646-3-646†or†+7†(495) 692-67-48.
February 26,
Watch and Review Contest

Moscow Art Theatre is†proud to†announce a†new monthly non-professional review contest.

Have you seen a†production at†the Moscow Art that touched your heart, shocked or†enraptured you? Post your review in†your blog and send the link to†zritel@mxat.ru The best reviews will be†published on†our pages in†social media and on†this website.

Every month the authors of†the best reviews will be†awarded free tickets to†our performances (two bundles, two seats each, in†accommodation with the author).

We value explicated, detailed reviews, including your thoughts on†the acting, set design, directorial concept and the play itself. No†professionals allowed!

We are looking forward to†your reviews.