Distinguished Artsmaker of Russia, Distinguished Artist of Russia

Dmitry Brusnikin

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He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in1982(course ofO.Efremov), and was accepted into the troupe ofthe Moscow Art Theatre.

Played insuch performances as: “Way“ (Alexander Ulyanov), “Days ofthe Turbins“ (Alexei Turbin), “The Ball bycandlelight“ (Yeshua, Voland), “Yevgeny Bazarov“ (Bazarov), “Friends“ (Maxim Gorky), “Ivanov“ (Ivanov), “Woe from Wit“ (Chatsky), “Uncle Vanya“ (Astrov), “Three Sisters“ (Andrey Prosorov), “Platonov“ (Platonov), “Zero“ (Lame brother Milosh), “The most important” (Director ofaprovincial theatre), „The Sacred Flame” (Major Liconda), „The Return” (Presenter), etc.

Playing inperformances: „The New American” (Sergei), „Swift current river” (He).

Onthe stage ofthe Moscow Art Theatre hestaged such performances as: „Platonov” byA.Chekhov, „ACry inthe handful” byV.Gurkin, „The Storm” byA.Ostrovsky.

Hehas implemented multiple television projects of: „Chekhov and Co”, „Salome” (jointly with L.Pcholkin), „MUR isMUR”, „Law and Order”.

Heteaches atthe School ofthe Moscow Art Theatre since 1993. In1999, together with his classmate R.Kozak, hescored the course asthe head ofthe course. Itwas abrilliant course. Among his graduates are Sergey Lazarev, Darya Moroz, Aleksandr Ursulyak, Catherine Solomatina, that having declared themselves loudly and talent. In2007, hereleased another course, whereon staged the performance “Play Without aTitle“ (“Platonov”), received the prize „Golden list” for best acting ensemble inthe graduation performances. And inthe same year, hescored anew course again with Roman Kozak. Since 2006Dmitry Brusnikin isprofessor. In2009awarded the title of“Distinguished Artsmaker ofRussia”.
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